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Table 2 Pathways affected by the identified SNPs and their associated statistical scores

From: Whole genome analysis of Black Bengal goat from Savar Goat Farm, Bangladesh

Annotation cluster 1 Enrichment score: 3.16 Count p value Benjamini
KEGG_PATHWAY Fatty acid degradation 17 3.40E−06 1.80E−04
KEGG_PATHWAY Fatty acid metabolism 15 1.00E−03 9.70E−03
KEGG_PATHWAY PPAR signalling pathway 13 9.20E−02 3.40E−01
Annotation cluster 2 Enrichment score: 2.8 Count p-value Benjamini
KEGG_PATHWAY Protein digestion and absorption 36 2.90E−08 3.80E−06
KEGG_PATHWAY ECM-receptor interaction 22 5.20E−04 5.50E−03
KEGG_PATHWAY Focal adhesion 34 2.30E−02 1.20E−01
KEGG_PATHWAY Amoebiasis 20 3.10E−02 1.50E−01
KEGG_PATHWAY PI3K-Akt signaling pathway 32 9.40E−01 9.90E−01