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Table 1 Result of detection of anti-quorum sensing activity

From: Screening and quantification of anti-quorum sensing and antibiofilm activities of phyllosphere bacteria against biofilm forming bacteria

Phyllosphere isolatesOrigin of isolatesConcentrations (cm)
5 mg/mL10 mg/mL20 mg/mL
JB 3BPsidium guajava000.83
JB 11BPsidium guajava001.13
JB 14BPsidium guajava021.1
JB 15BPsidium guajava001.4
JB 16BPsidium guajava001.27
JB 18BPsidium guajava011.2
JB 19BPsidium guajava001.07
JB 20BPsidium guajava01.21.7
AF3Anredera cordifolia001.1
JB 7FPsidium guajava000