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Table 1 Working house condition and practice of food handlers working at Woldia University Student’s cafeteria, Northeastern Ethiopia, 2018 (N = 256)

From: Magnitude of intestinal parasitic infections and associated factors among food handlers working at Woldia University student’s cafeteria, Northeastern Ethiopia: an institution based cross-sectional study

VariablesCharacteristicsFrequency (n = 256)Percentage
Houseroom of food handlersOne room10541.0
Two rooms6927.0
Three rooms8232.0
Number of windows for food handlersOne window10641.4
Two windows7830.5
Three windows7228.1
Ventilation system of the house for food handlersGood9035.2
Illumination system of the house for food handlersGood18371.5
Type of floor of the house for food handlersCement13753.5
Type of kitchen the house of food handlersAttached to the main house8734.0
Detached to the main house16966.0
Cleanliness of the house of food handlersVery good9737.9
Use of water of food handlersPrivate pipe11043.0
Common pipe14657.0
Type of latrine for food handlersHas water segregation14958.2
No water segregation10741.8
Cleanliness of latrine for food handlersClean19676.6
Not clean6023.4
Liquid disposal methods for food handlersOpen field9035.2
Use segregation16664.8
Solid waste disposal system of food handlersHole17066.4
Open field4919.1
Municipal body3714.5
Use of hair cover during food preparationsYes23089.8