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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in hospitals of Bale Zone, Ethiopia, 2018

From: Nutritional deficiency and associated factors among new pulmonary tuberculosis patients of Bale Zone Hospitals, southeast Ethiopia

VariablesNumberPercent (%)VariablesNumberPercent (%)
AgeMarital status
 < 530.8  Separated102.7
 5–174211.3  Widowed205.4
 ≥ 1832787.9Ethnicity
Sex  Oromo30983.1
 Male20354.9  Amhara5314.2
 Female16945.4  Somali71.9
Education  Others30.8
 No formal15842.5Religion
 Basic17948.1  Muslim26571.2
 Post Basic359.4  Christian10227.4
Employment  Waqeffeta41.1
 Working19953.5  Others10.3
 Not working17246.2Monthly income
Residence  < 1500 Birr7243.4
 Urban16544.4  1500–30005533.1
 Semi urban4311.6  > 30003923.5
 Rural16444.1Family size
Marital status  ≥ 513536.3
 Single13937.4  < 523763.7