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Table 1 Cluster rating averages and ranks for Fostering International Collaboration in Implementation Science (FICIS)

From: Fostering international collaboration in implementation science and research: a concept mapping exploratory study

Thematic clusterImportance for FICISFeasibility for FICISCombined rank
Cluster numberCluster ratingCluster rankCluster ratingCluster rankRank score
Strategic planning13.9414.2412
Networking and shared identity103.4064.0328
Innovative and adaptive research83.4853.30712
Facilitate meetings113.3673.62512
Define common principles33.10103.80313
Training is researchers93.5343.141014
Technological tools for collaboration43.1593.35615
Disseminate importance of FICIS63.2382.771119
Knowledge sharing73.03113.17920
  1. FICIS Fostering International Collaboration in Implementation Science. Cluster ratings ranged from 0 to 5, with higher scores indicating more importance or greater feasibility for FICIS