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Table 1 List of mouse placental proteins whose expression differed significantly between control and Nrk−/− 2DE performed on proteins from E18.5 concepti, as identified by LC-MS/MS analysis

From: Proteomic analysis of Nrk gene-disrupted placental tissue cells explains physiological significance of NRK

Spot NrProtein descriptionProtein entryAccessionScoreavgMassseqCover (%)Effect sizeaSDt test (n = 6)
1Protein 2210010C04Rik OS Mus musculus GN 2210010C04Rik PE 2 SV 1Q9CPN9_MOUSEQ9CPN9435264228.10− 0.7100.6530.009
2Heat shock protein HSP 90 beta OS Mus musculus GN Hsp90ab1 PE 1 SV 3HS90B_MOUSEP11499102832813.59− 0.2480.1260.020
3Stress 70 protein mitochondrial OS Mus musculus GN Hspa9 PE 1 SV 3GRP75_MOUSEP3864710307346139.62− 0.0180.7740.942
4Protein Serpinb9f OS Mus musculus GN Serpinb9f PE 2 SV 1Q80UK5_MOUSEQ80UK55354303416.98− 0.1260.0960.148
5Annexin A3 OS Mus musculus GN Anxa3 PE 1 SV 4ANXA3_MOUSEO356395563638427.240.1270.1690.062
6Staphylococcal nuclease domain containing protein 1 OS Mus musculus GN Snd1 PE 1 SV 1SND1_MOUSEQ78PY750102,0884.950.1090.6820.846
7b− 0.2850.5550.492
8Protein 2210010C04Rik OS Mus musculus GN 2210010C04Rik PE 2 SV 1Q9CPN9_MOUSEQ9CPN9727264224.860.3090.2330.031
9Pyruvate kinase isozymes M1 M2 OS Mus musculus GN Pkm PE 1 SV 4KPYM_MOUSEP5248037165784550.66− 0.2720.4980.294
11Protein disulfide isomerase A5 OS Mus musculus GN Pdia5 PE 2 SV 1PDIA5_MOUSEQ921X93025926715.670.6660.8160.116
12Glutamate dehydrogenase 1 mitochondrial OS Mus musculus GN Glud1 PE 1 SV 1DHE3_MOUSEP264431766133710.750.0210.5390.654
13T complex protein 1 subunit alpha OS Mus musculus GN Tcp1 PE 1 SV 3TCPA_MOUSEP119834656044930.220.2170.2710.208
1440S ribosomal protein SA OS Mus musculus GN Rpsa PE 1 SV 4RSSA_MOUSEP1420632563283847.460.1100.1480.115
15Annexin A5 OS Mus musculus GN Anxa5 PE 1 SV 1ANXA5_MOUSEP48036129963575383.39− 0.1140.1790.223
16SPARC OS Mus musculus GN Sparc PE 1 SV 1SPRC_MOUSEP072141263445011.59− 0.2560.5970.235
17Calpain small subunit 1 OS Mus musculus GN Capns1 PE 2 SV 1CPNS1_MOUSEO884569512846331.97− 0.0680.3030.531
18Annexin A2 OS Mus musculus GN Anxa2 PE 1 SV 2ANXA2_MOUSEP07356147703867667.260.1020.4100.509
  1. Specified proteins of the Nrk−/− mouse placenta are indicated
  2. aIndividual effect size is an average calculated from six independent trials
  3. bThe protein spots corresponding spot number 7 and 10 could not be specified