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Table 2 The number of qPCR technical replicates (out of 3 technical replicates performed on each field-collected water sample) that were positive for redside shiner eDNA for each sample site

From: Development of a quantitative PCR assay for detection of redside shiner (Richardsonius balteatus) from environmental DNA

Site (latitude, longitude)Collection dateWater sample 1 (No. positive)Water sample 2 (No. positive)Water sample 3 (No. positive)Site total
Elwha River estuary, WA (48.14748, −123.56100)4/22/20153/31/31/35/9
Lake Kachess, WA (47.34074, −121.25293)5/31/20183/32/33/38/9
Ross Lake, WAa8/22/20183/33/36/6
Upper Elwha River, WA (47.81049, −123.45560)9/21/20170/30/3
  1. A dashed line (–) indicates a water sample was not collected
  2. aRoss Lake water sample 1 was collected at latitude 48.440728 and longitude −121.034186 and water sample 2 was collected at latitude 48.523052 and longitude −121.010296