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Table 1 The baseline characteristics of the study participants

From: The effect of an active video game intervention on physical activity, motor performance, and fatigue in children with cancer: a randomized controlled trial

 Study cohort (n = 36)Intervention group (n = 17)Control group (n = 19)
Age at recruitment (years)
 Mean (min–max)7.8 (3–16)7.8 (3–16)7.9 (3–15)
 Gender (N, female:male)10:265:125:14
 Acute lymphocytic leukemia (SR:IR:HR)17 (8:6:3)7 (4:2:1)10 (4:4:2)
 Wilms’ tumor220
 Burkitt lymphoma312
 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma532
 Hodgkin lymphoma312
 Other neoplasm633
Vincristine/vinblastine during first 3 months from diagnose (mg/sqm)
 Mean (STD)10.2 (4.2)10.2 (4.0)10.1 (4.4)
Physical therapy (visits during the intervention period) 
 Mean (STD)3 (2.2)2.4 (1.6)3.6 (2.6)
Days admitted (during the intervention period)
 Mean (STD)32.7 (13.6)30.5 (12.1)34.7 (14.8)
Hospital visits (during the intervention period)
 Mean (STD)11.2 (7.2)12.5 (7.4)10.1 (7.1)
  1. SR standard risk, IR intermediate risk, HR high risk