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Table 1 Primers and PCR timetable program for sfa, afa, and foc genes in UPEC strain

From: Identification phenotypic and genotypic characterization of biofilm formation in Escherichia coli isolated from urinary tract infections and their antibiotics resistance

GenesInitial cycleDenaturationAnnealingExtensionFinal extensionPrimers sequencingProduct size (bp)
sfa gene
 Time4 M30 S30 M40 S3 MF:5′ C C G T A A G A T G T C T G C G A G 3′R:5′ A G C A A G T C T G G C A A C G A G 3′100
 Number of cycles13535351
afa gene
 Time5 M1 S30 M3 S7 MF:5′ G C T G G G C A G C A A A C T G A T A A C T C T C 3′R:5′ C A T C A A G C T G T T T G T T C G T C C G C C G 3′750
 Number of cycles13535351
foc gene
 Time4 M1 S1 M2 S10 MF:5′ G G T G G A A C C G C A G A A A A T A C 3′R:5′ G A A C T G T T G G G G A A A G A G T G 3′388
 Number of cycles13535351