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Fig. 1

From: Isolation and identification of Streptococcus suis from sick pigs in Bali, Indonesia

Fig. 1

Histopathological pictures of various tissues of confirmed S. suis infection in pig cases in Bali, Indonesia, 2018. Panel a12 are brain and meninges showing meningitis; a34 are lung tissues showing bronchopneumonia; b12 are myocardium showing endocarditis; b34 are myocardium showing pericarditis; c12 are liver showing congestion and hepatitis; c34 are intestine showing hemorrhagic enteritis with depletion of Payer patches; d12 are kidney showing hemorrhagic glomerulonephritis; d34 are spleen showing perifollicular infiltration of inflammatory cells and hemorrhage; H&E stained. Magnifications in column 1 and 3 are ×100; Column 2 and 4 are ×400

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