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TableĀ 1 Clinical signs, animal age, number of animal in stall of confirmed S. suis infection in Bali, Indonesia, 2018

From: Isolation and identification of Streptococcus suis from sick pigs in Bali, Indonesia

NoLocation (village and regency)Number of animal in stallNumber of sick animalsAge (month)Number of deathClinical signs
1Abang, Karangasem3281In-appetence, depression, reddish skin discoloration, cough
2Sesetan, Denpasar1002143Fever, anorexia, lethargic, limping, paralyzed, tremor, eye and nasal exudate, erythema ear, joint enlargement and bruising
3Payangan, Gianyar4185Weakness, anorectic, diarrhea, watery nose, eye exudate, reddish skin discoloration, limping
4Kesiman Denpasar86106Diarrhea, limping, anorexia, paralyzed, snot
5Sidakarya, Denpasar1501433Yellowish diarrhea, dyspnea, nasal exudate, shivering, reddish skin discoloration
6Kediri, Tabanan681173Weakness, anorexia, diarrhea, nasal and eye exudate, limping, reddish skin discoloration
7Perean Kangin, Tabanan12763Lethargic, anorexia, reddish skin discoloration, shivering
8Lod tunduh, Gianyar247127Anorexia, lethargic, cough, reddish skin discoloration, swollen joint