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Table 2 The associations between core BD evening symptoms during/before each day and that night’s sleep time

From: Use of ecological momentary assessment to detect variability in mood, sleep and stress in bipolar disorder

VariableFinal selected model
BD− 1.790.840.04
T mood−
T−1 mood−
BD− 0.310.610.62
T speed of thoughts−
T−1 speed of thoughts
BD− 1.780.900.07
T energy−
T−1 energy−
BD− 0.250.660.70
T impulsivity−
T−1 impulsivity
  1. Model 1 includes the daily core BD evening symptoms during each index day (T); Model 2 includes both the daily core BD evening symptoms during the index day and the day before the index day (T−1). Both models are final selected models from two candidate models, which are adjusted for age, gender, employment status, time (days) and the interactions between BD group (not included if not significant). Significant results are in italic