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Table 3 The relationship of coffee intake to Epworth sleepiness score, Stop-Bang score, sex, HbA1c, and the duration since diabetes diagnosis

From: The relationship between coffee intake, obstructive sleep apnea risk, and type 2 diabetes glycemic control, in Tabuk City, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a case–control study

CharacterBSE.WalddfSig.Exp. (B)95% CI for Exp.
Daytime sleepiness− 0.1140.7160.02510.8740.8930.220–3.630
STOP-BANG score− 0.2981.0710.07710.7810.7430.091–6.061
Diabetes duration−0.0920.0473.85610.0500.9120.832–1.000
  1. Logistic regression analysis