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Fig. 2

From: Lycopene improves on basic hematological and immunological parameters in diabetes mellitus

Fig. 2

Changes in immunological parameters following Lycopene administration in male Wistar rats. a White blood cell counts (WBCs), b Lymphocyte count, c Neutrophil counts, d Neutrophillymphocyte ratio, e Platelet count, f Red blood cell fragility test, g Total protein, h blood albumin, I globulin content. The immunological activity was reflected by changes in neutrophils, WBCs, and lymphocytes and in diabetes mellitus, these were relatively suppressed. The lymphocyte ratio demonstrated that DM was characterized with significantly elevated neutrophil counts (d) and this was associated with an elevated platelet count. A low total protein count (g) was due to significantly low globulin levels (I) while RBC fragility was lowest in the healthy rats and highest in the diabetic groups

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