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Table 1 Gram stain characteristics and macroscopic aspects of bacteria isolated from Gastrotheca species

From: Microbiological and cytological characterization of coelomic fluid from three captive endangered amphibian Gastrotheca species with edema syndrome: preliminary analysis

Sex/speciesIsolatesGram stain
Positive or negative
Gram stain
Female G. litonedis (n = 4/10)Pasteurella haemolyticaBacilli
Hafnia alveiBacilli
Enterobacter agglomeransBacilli
Aeromonas hydrophila/Pseudomonas fluorescens−/−Bacilli/Bacilli
Male G. litonedis (n = 2/10)Streptococcus+Cocci
Burkholderia pseudomallei/Salmonella arizonae−/−Bacilli/Bacilli
Female G. pseustes (n = 2/8)Klebsiella ozaenaeBacilli
Enterobacter gergoviae/Enterococcus spp.−/+Bacilli/Cocci
Male G. pseustes (n = 2/8)Enterobacter sakazakii/Enterococcus spp.−/+Bacilli/Cocci
Yersinia enterocoliticaBacilli
Male G. riobambae (n = 2/2)Klebsiella oxytoca/Enterococcus spp.−/+Bacilli/Cocci
Klebsiella ozaenae/Burkholderia pseudomallei−/−Bacilli/Bacilli