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Table 2 Sexual violence versus different variables among female administrative staffs of MU, 2018 (n = 356)

From: Factors associated with sexual violence among female administrative staff of Mekelle University, North Ethiopia

VariableSexual violence
Shift at work
Program of the shift
 Day and night6217.44813.5
Place where the act performed
 In Office12267.8 
How the act was done
 Using force4525
 By kicking105.5
 Verbal abusing4323.9
Did the perpetrator use any substance
 I don’t know11463.3
Type of substance
 Khat or others**1942.2
History of substance violence
 I don’t know6938.3
What type of substance
 Khat chewing4544.5
Previous history of such practice of the perpetrator
 I don’t know12368.3
Did the perpetrator has more than one partners
 I don’t know7742.8
Do you know the perpetrator well
Did the perpetrator have family
 I don’t know3424.6
With whom did the perpetrator live
 I don’t know3928.3
How old was the perpetrator
 Same as me7843.3
 Older than me10256.7
Do you have a boyfriend
If yes how often is your sexual relationship
 No sexual contact267.3195.3
Relationship other than your boyfriend
With how many
 Two or more236.520.6
History of sexual violence
 One time8446.652.8
 Two times2413.342.2
 Three times3217.800.0
 More than four times3016.710.5
Do you know a woman who is violated in the workplace
  1. *Around workplace out of office; **drug, shisha