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Table 2 Overview of the antibody specificities

From: A comparison of three column agglutination tests for red blood cell alloantibody identification

Specificityn (%)n (Bio-Rad)n (OCD)n (Grifols)
anti-D13 (24.1)8713
anti-E9 (16.7)77(1)8(2)
anti-C5 (9.3)335
anti-c5 (9.3)445
anti-K4 (7.4)234
anti-Fya4 (7.4)144
anti-M3 (5.6)223
anti-Lea3 (5.6)233
anti-Jka2 (3.7)122
anti-Cw1 (1.9)111
anti-Kpa1 (1.9)1n.t.(3)1
anti-Lua1 (1.9)101
anti-N1 (1.9)011
anti-S1 (1.9)011
anti-s1 (1.9)111
Total54 (100)343953
  1. (1)Anti-E was not detected in one sample with OCD because of insufficient sample volume
  2. (2)Anti-E was not detected in one sample with Grifols because of insufficient sample material
  3. (3)The antigen Kpa was not present in this test system