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Table 3 Crude and adjusted odds ratio (95% confidence intervals) for overweight/obesity across quartile of DPI

From: Dietary phytochemical index and overweight/obesity in children: a cross-sectional study

Overweight and obesityDPI quartilesP-trend*
Q1 (N = 89)Q2 (N = 89)Q3 (N = 89)Q4 (N = 89)
OR95% CIsOR95% CIsOR95% CIs
  LowerUpper LowerUpper LowerUpper
  1. Italic values indicate the significance of P-values (P-value < 0.05)
  2. OR odds ratio, CIs confidence intervals
  3. a Adjusted for age, sex, energy intake and physical activity
  4. *Obtained from the logistic regression analysis