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Table 2 Matrix of pair-wise \(F_{\text{ST}}^{{\prime }}\) values (below diagonal) and P-values (above diagonal) between a collection of Cicindela dorsalis media, and two collections of C. d. dorsalis

From: Development of microsatellite markers for three at risk tiger beetles Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis, C. d. media, and C. puritana

  1. Pair-wise \(F_{\text{ST}}^{{\prime }}\) was calculated in the Genalex ver 6.5 software, and significance was assessed using 999 permutations. “MV” and “CI” refer to the Martha’s Vineyard and Cedar Island collections of C. dorsalis dorsalis, and “FI” to the collection of C. dorsalis media from Fisherman’s Island. See the Methods section of the text for details of these collections