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Table 1 Profile of Influenza prevalence and management in two consecutive seasons without (2017/18) and with POCT Influenza testing (2018/19)

From: The impact of point-of-care testing for influenza A and B on patient flow and management in a medical assessment unit of a general hospital

No. patients screened for influenza A and B292272
No. of influenza-positive patientsABTotalABTotal
No. of patients receiving Oseltamivir23 (8%)51 (19%)
No. of influenza-positive patients receiving Oseltamivir18 (28%)42 (69%)
Defined daily dosing (DDD) for antibiotics191.6132.7
No. of patients isolated/cohorted on admission34 (52%)43 (70%)
Average influenza-positive patient length of stay (bed nights)5.26 ± 3.43.73 ± 2.1*
  1. *p = 0.003