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Table 2 Item-response probabilities for latent classes of bullying frequencies according to different types of bullying victimization

From: Bullying victimization among preadolescents in a community-based sample in Canada: a latent class analysis

Types of bullyingBullying frequencyOverall averageLatent class
Item-response probabilities
Non-victimizedModerately victimizedAggressively victimized
Once or twice0.1800.0350.3560.445
Every week/many times a week0.0290.0000.0160.301
Once or twice0.3010.0990.6580.173
Every week/many times a week0.0990.0000.1000.806
Once or twice0.2180.0290.5310.193
Every week/many times a week0.0690.0030.0310.722
Once or twice0.0790.0110.1550.237
Every week/many times a week0.0200.0000.0150.191
Latent class prevalence0.5820.3460.072