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Table 1 Basic socio-demographic characteristics of women (n = 404) who were enrolled in the study

From: Prevalence of and risk factors for periodontal disease among pregnant women in an antenatal care clinic in Khartoum, Sudan

Mean (SD) of the
 Age, years27.0 (5.7)
 Parity1.6 (1.7)
 Gestational age, weeks30.0 (8.7)
 Body mass index, kg/m224.2 (3.8)
Number (proportion) of the
 Educational < secondary level157 (38.8)
 History of miscarriage85 (21.3)
 History of preterm delivery14 (3.4)
 Brushing once73 (18.1)
 Twice253 (62.6)
 More than twice78 (19.3)
Antibiotic usage51 (12.6)