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Table 2 Response frequency to variables highlighting gender related disparities and preference for sons

From: Psychosocial predictors of antenatal stress in Pakistan: perspectives from a developing country

 Frequency (n)Percentage (%)χ2 statisticP-value
Household decision maker
 Self468.9228.50< .001
Gender on ultrasound
Gender preference
 Male17734.3213.71< .001
 No preference30559.1  
Preference for education
 Sons479.1717.11< .001
 No preference45888.8  
In-laws prefer sons
 Yes19437.631.75< .001
Marital problems
 Yes12724.6133.03< .001
 Yes13926.9109.78< .001
Domestic abuse
 Yes9618.6203.44< .001