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Table 1 Breakdown of volunteer responses, ineligibility and recruitment rates to each Facebook campaign

From: Challenges and practical recommendations for successfully recruiting inactive, statin-free older adults to clinical trials

Month of campaignLength of campaign (days)ReachImpressionsFrequencyResponsesIneligibleReasonDid not complete CT
Jan 1829398190192.2728289 (32.1%)Physical activity0
7 (25%)Statins
3 (10.7%)Physical activity and statins
4 (14.3%)PMH
2 (7.1)No response
2 (7.1%)Declined to take part
1 (3.6%)Failed screening/familiarisation
Feb 1826598413,6512.2813132 (15.4%)Physical activity0
7 (53.9%)Statins
1 (7.7%)Physical activity and statins
1 (7.7%)Other
2 (15.6%)Failed screening/familiarisation
Apr 1826674015,0462.2313112 (15.4%)Physical activity1 (7.7%)
2 (15.4%)Statins
2 (15.4%)No response
4 (30.8%)Declined to take part
1 (7.7%)Other
Jul 184824484181.0217161 (5.9%)Physical activity0
7 (41.2%)Statins
5 (29.4%)No response
2 (11.8%)Declined to take part
1 (5.9%)Other
  1. Reach: number of people who saw the advert at least once during a single campaign (i.e. not cumulative over the campaigns). Impressions: the number of times that the advert was on screen. Frequency: the number of times that each person saw the advert