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Table 1 Analysis of fat and IgG [concentration, %Brix, refractive index (nD)], and dynamic viscosity of fresh and heat-treated dairy cattle colostrum samples

From: Quantitative assessment of German Holstein dairy cattle colostrum and impact of thermal treatment on quality of colostrum viscosity and immunoglobulins

ParameterMean (average)± SD± SEMaMinimumMaximum
Fat (100 g−1)5.412.030.321.48.8
IgG (mg mL−1)57.6532.715.174.0116.0
Dynamic viscosity (cP)b34.5541.276.524.9219.0
Dynamic viscosity (cP)c658.87911.09145.895.23.066
  1. aSEM: standard error of mean
  2. bFirst postpartum colostrum
  3. cHeat-treated colostrum (63.5 °C for 30 min)