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Table 3 Association of predictors with the occurrence of adverse fetal outcomes in SLE patients by multivariable logistic regression analyses

From: The study of factors associated with pregnancy outcomes in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

PredictorsOR (95% CI)P value
Duration of disease0.937 (0.217–1.529)0.229
ESR during pregnancy0.980 (0.953–1.003)0.096
CRP during pregnancy2.896 (0.962–8.674)0.037
Renal involvement8.545 (1.396–63.373)0.017
Anti-ds DNA0.219 (0.079–0.655)0.002
APS5.181 (1.681–13.647)0.001
Anemia1.570 (0.676–3.985)0.320
Age at onset SLE0.932 (0.865–1.009)0.018