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Table 1 Results of Shapiro–Wilk normality test on the evaluated water parameters

From: Effects of industrial effluents on the quality of water in Namanve stream, Kampala Industrial and Business Park, Uganda

Turbidity (FTU)0.766522.46E−07
Total dissolved solids (mg/L)0.857253.41E–05
Electrical conductivity (µS/cm)0.820193.84E–06
Total phosphates (mg/L)0.685017.29E–08
Total nitrogen (mg/L)0.387294.14E–10
Total suspended solids (mg/L)0.638721.28E–09
Biochemical oxygen demand (mg/L)0.742795.29E–07
Escherichia coli count (CFU/100 mL)0.96311.35E–01
  1. Data with p-value less than or equal to 0.05 are not normal. All p-values rounded to 2 decimal places