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Table 1 Overview of data files/data sets

From: Microarray analysis of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded follicular thyroid carcinoma samples from patients who developed postoperative distant metastasis

LabelName of data file/data setFile types (file extension)Data repository and identifier (DOI or accession number)
Data file 1GSM3031433_701012-009_Clariom_D_Human_.CEL.gzCEL file [13]
Data file2GSM3031434_701012-002_Clariom_D_Human_.CEL.gzCEL file [14]
Data file 3GSM3031435_701012-003_Clariom_D_Human_.CEL.gzCEL file [15]
Data file 4GSM3031436_701012-004_Clariom_D_Human_.CEL.gzCEL file [16]
Data file 5GSM3031437_701012-005_Clariom_D_Human_.CEL.gzCEL file [17]
Data file 6GSM3031438_701012-010_Clariom_D_Human_.CEL.gzCEL file [18]
Data file 7Clinical featuresSpreadsheet (.xlsx)Mendeley Data ( [19]
Data file 8Size distribution of total RNAImage (.pdf)Mendeley Data ( [20]
Data file 9Size distribution of fragmented cDNAsImage (.pdf)Mendeley Data ( [21]
Data file 10Scatterplots_carcinoma vs normalImage (.pdf)Mendeley Data ( [22]
Data file 11Normalised signal valuesSpreadsheet (.xlsx)Mendeley Data ( [23]