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Table 1 Responses to practice-related questions regarding the management of acute pain in HIV+/AIDS patients (responses by physicians who had managed HIV+/AIDS patients in the preceding year: n = 49)

From: Managing acute pain in HIV+/AIDS patients: knowledge and practice trends among emergency physicians of major tertiary care centers of a developing country

Practice trendsFrequencyPercentage
Approximately how many HIV-infected patients have you treated in your emergency room during the last year?  
 ≤ 204387.8
 21 to 4024.1
 41 to 6012.0
 61 to 8012.0
 > 8024.1
What was the most common presenting complaint?  
 Non-traumatic conditions2654.2
 Pain due to other diseases816.7
 No response12.0
What drugs do you commonly use to treat acute pain in HIV+/AIDS patients?  
 No response24.1
What other modalities do you commonly employ to treat acute pain in HIV+/AIDS patients?  
 Nerve blocks1224.5
 Regional anesthesia918.4
 No response714.3
Is pain assessment done for all patients presenting to the emergency room at your hospital?  
What method is used for assessment of pain in your emergency room?  
 Categorical Scale (mild, moderate, severe)1836.
 Visual Analog Scale510.2
 Numeric rating Scale2653.1
 No response00
Are any guidelines in place at your hospital for managing trauma related pain?  
 No response12.0
Is multi-modal therapy for management of acute pain part of HIV patients’ treatment in your unit?  
 No response3163.3
Is pain treated with available resources to patient’s satisfaction?  
 No response2653.1