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Table 2 Health issues and social impact parameters

From: Socioeconomic impacts of elimination of onchocerciasis in Abu-Hamed focus, northern Sudan: lessons after elimination

Complain since distribution of the drug was halted (n = 512)Knowledge of people currently complaining about Onchocerciasis symptoms (n = 506)
 No complain46190.0 No45389.5
 Itching377.2 Yes5310.5
 Irritation132.5Change in the work performance of participants (n = 377)
 Other10.3 Stable22860.5
Receiving guests in the twelve past months (n = 373) Increased11330.0
 More often16744.8 Poor369.5
 Less often12834.3Change in the revenue of participants (n = 371)
 Regularly7820.9 Stable22660.9
Opinion regarding halt of ivermectin distribution (n = 482) Decrease7319.7
 Distribution to continue because of health benefits37778.2 Increase7219.4
 Programme reached objectives and as halted9619.9Receiving guests in the twelve past months (n = 373)
 Distribution to continue because of programme failed91.9 More often16744.8
Change in school attendance (n = 19) Less often12834.3
 Increase1052.6 Regularly7820.9
 Decrease736.8Social events in the last twelve months (n = 162)
 Stable210.6 Birth9357.4
Change in school performance (n = 20) Marriage5936.4
 Good or better1260.0 Divorce95.6
 Fair or worse840.0 Separate10.6