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Table 1 Patient demographics and their treatment response

From: Determination of efficacy and toxicity of diclofenac microemulsion formulation for musculoskeletal pain: an observational study

Age (range)PatientSiteInitial pain score (10)Follow-up pain score (10)Comment
46–551Both hips84Concurrent treatment with morphine without relief
56–652Left knee103Tried diclofenac 10% in PLO gel without relief
3Bilateral elbows73Concurrent treatment with oral ketoprofen
4Posterior Cervical Neck52Works very quickly. Not messy or greasy
5Left hip8–97Has severe back pain also. Received cortisone injections
6Left knee62 at rest, 4 during activityUsed diclofenac 1.5% Pennsaid® and 10% in PLO gel in past without relief
7Shoulder6–74–5Received occasional morphine and used diclofenac 10% in PLO without much relief
66–758Right hip6–73Was using diclofenac 10% in PLO gel but it was too messy. Prefer the new formulation which absorbs very quickly
76–859Right hip40 
10Left shoulder6–70–1Works very quickly not messy
86–9511Left foot9–105–6Used diclofenac 1.5% Pennsaid® without relief