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Table 1 Description of the parameters of microtubules dynamic instability for the three conditions used in this study

From: Plant and mouse EB1 proteins have opposite intrinsic properties on the dynamic instability of microtubules

 Tub (15 µM)Tub (15 µM) + EB1 mouseTub (15 µM) + AtEB1-b
N (MT)664165
N (Growth)533533652
N (Shrinkage)277515462
Growth time (sec)105,37560,965152,680
Shrinkage time (sec)377541654805
Growth distance (µm)195116892054
Shrinkage distance (µm)194816952047
Growth Rate (μm/min)1.111.660.81
Shrinkage rate (μm/min)30.9624.4225.56
Dynamicity (dimer/sec)~ 58~ 78~ 41
  1. Parameters have been pooled from all the available observations