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Table 1 Effect of hypocotyl section (proximal or distal), supplements, and growth regulators on the total number of shoots, average shoots per explant, percentage of callus, and percentage of elongated shoots of > 2.5 cm of Plukenetia volubilis hypocotyls after 45 d of cultivation

From: Efficient direct shoot organogenesis and genetic stability in micropropagated sacha inchi (Plukenetia volubilis L.)

Components Hormonal treatments Average of shoots per explant Percentage of callus Percentage of elongated shoots (> 2.5 cm)
Proximal Distal Proximal Distal Proximal Distal
CuSO4 TDZ (1 mg/L) 3.04ab 1.91bc 68.89a 72.78a 46.74a 29.63a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + 2ip (0.5 mg/L) 3.11ab 1.73ab 73.33a 75.0a 45.81a 25.5a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + Zeatin (0.5 mg/L) 4.62d 2.31c 72.22a 74.44a 51.74ab 37.96a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + BAP (0.5 mg/L) 3.93cd 1.53ab 76.11a 77.78a 48.54a 26.67a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + Kinetin (0.5 mg/L) 3.51bc 1.62ab 75.56a 78.33a 33.19a 28.52a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + IBA (0.5 mg/L) 3.42abc 1.47ab 75a 75.56a 41.33a 26.67a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + NAA (0.5 mg/L) 3.36abc 1.8b 76.11a 79.44a 40.70a 27.04a
  Control 2.71a 1.27 a 13.33b 11.11b 69.26b 68.52b
G + A + A TDZ (1 mg/L) 3.33abc 1.76bc 70b 73.33a 41.04ab 30.37a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + 2ip (0.5 mg/L) 3.29ab 1.8bc 73.33bc 72.33a 44.56ab 27.41a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + Zeatin (0.5 mg/L) 5.11e 2.2c 73.89bc 75.0a 53.34b 36.67a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + BAP (0.5 mg/L) 4.87de 1.62b 76.11bc 77.78a 45.69ab 29.63a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + Kinetin (0.5 mg/L) 4.11cd 1.51ab 76.07bc 76.67a 31.51a 27.41a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + IBA (0.5 mg/L) 3.71abc 1.6b 78.33bc 76.11a 45.70ab 29.63a
  TDZ (1 mg/L) + NAA (0.5 mg/L) 3.93 bc 1.73 bc 78.89 c 80.0a 38.56 ab 28.15 a
  Control 3.0a 1.09a 14.44a 11.11b 77.26c 65.93b
  1. Different letters indicate significant differences (p ≤ 0.05)