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Table 3 Crude and adjusted odds of having low FNLIT according to the HFI status obtained from logistic regression analysis (n = 315)

From: Relationship between household food insecurity and food and nutrition literacy among children of 9–12 years of age: a cross-sectional study in a city of Iran

  Crude analysis Adjusted analysisa
OR (95% CI) p-value OR (95% CI) p-value
HFI status
 Food secure Reference   Reference  
 Food insecure 2.86 (1.35–6.05) 0.006* 2.89 (1.03–8.09) 0.04*
  1. FNLIT food and nutrition literacy, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, HFI household food insecurity
  2. *Significant at the level of p < 0.05
  3. a Adjusted for sex, grade, BMI, birth order, parental age and education