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Table 1 Different methods described for generation of AqE

From: In vitro biological assessment of the stability of cigarette smoke aqueous aerosol extracts

Smoking regime AqE generation parameters Media conditions Study
HCI 30 puffs/15 ml Ice-cold DMEM Munakata et al. [10]
Other 1 cig/10 ml Preheated RPMI Stabile et al. [12]
ISO 8 puffs/20 ml Sterile PRF medium 199 (stored at – 80 °C) Brunssen et al. [13]
NS 10 cigs/10 ml Solvent (unspecified) Ji et al. [14]
HCI 10 puffs/20 ml VascuLife basal media† with supplements Taylor et al. [7]
ISO 8 puffs/20 ml PRF DMEM/F12 Oke et al. [15]
NS 8–10 puffs/35 ml Saline solution Gellner et al. [16]
NS Smoke/25 ml Media (unspecified) Comer et al. [17]
NS 1 cig/10 ml PBS Yoon et al. [18]
NS 1 cig/10 ml DMEM (Stored at –32 °C) Streck et al.; Kim et al. 2002 [19]
NS 1 cig/10 ml PBS Nana-Sinkam et al. [20]
NS 1 cig/25 ml RPMI-1640 (one cigarette without filter) Kim et al. [21]
NS 2 cig/50 ml RPMI-1640 (filters removed from two 1R4F cigarettes) Richter et al. [22]
  1. Conditions taken directly from source material and quoted as described. In most cases the information does not exist to replicate the exposure. †Lifeline Cell Technology, Oceanside, CA, USA
  2. AqE, aqueous aerosol extracts; cig, cigarette; DMEM, Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium; F12, nutrient mixture F-12; HCI, health Canada Intense; ISO, international standards organisation; NS, not specified; PBS, phosphate-buffered saline; PRF, phenol red-free