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Table 1 Genotypes used for DNA methylome and transcriptome sequencing

From: DNA methylation and expression analyses reveal epialleles for the foliar disease resistance genes in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

S. no.GenotypesPedigreeFeatures
1GPBD 4KRG 1 × CS 16 (ICGV 86855)Early maturing with high pod growth rate, has high oil content and resistant to LLS and rust
2VG 9514Derivative of A. cardenasii and cv. CO 1Rust resistant
3ICGV 86855Interspecific derivative (A hypogaea x A. cardenasii)Resistant to LLS, rust and drought
4ICGV 86699Derivative of [A. hypogaea × (A. batizocoi × A. duranensis)]Multiple resistance to ELS, LLS, rust, bud necrosis, stem and pod rots
5ICGV 99005Derivative of [A. hypogaea × (A. batizocoi × A. duranensis)]Immune or with high resistance to LLS and rust
6TAG 24Selection from TGS-2 (TG-18A × M13) × TGE-1Early maturity, high harvest index (50–55%) and susceptible to LLS and rust
7TMV 2Selection from ‘Gudhiyatham bunch’Early maturity, wide adaptability and susceptible to LLS and rust
8JL 24Selection from ‘EC-9493’Early maturity, high yielding short duration and susceptible to LLS and rust
9DERDh 3-20 × CGC-1Runner type and susceptible to LLS
10VL 1Mutant of DERRust resistant
11TMV 2-NLMMutant of TMV 2Drought tolerant and resistant to LLS and rust