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Table 2 Maternal growth monitoring knowledge

From: Effect of maternal growth monitoring knowledge on stunting, wasting and underweight among children 0–18 months in Tamale metropolis of Ghana

CharacteristicCategoryFrequency (%)
When you hear growth monitoring, what comes to mind?Weighing274 (80.6)
Immunization62 (18.2)
Treatment of malnourished children4 (1.2)
Importance of growth monitoringDetermines child’s nutritional status291 (85.6)
Educates about appropriate child feeding44 (12.9)
Don’t know4 (1.2)
Not important1 (0.3)
Number of times one is supposed to go for growth monitoring sessionsOnce a month316 (92.9)
Twice every month15 (4.4)
Once every 6 months4 (1.2)
Don’t know5 (1.5)
When is one to start going forgrowth monitoring sessions?At birth282 (82.9)
At 1 month of age53 (15.6)
At 1 year of age5 (1.5)
Age range for growth monitoringChildren < 2 years of age208 (61.2)
Children 0–5 years of age110 (32.3)
Don’t know22 (6.5)
One responsible for growthmonitoring provisionNurses321 (94.4)
Midwives10 (2.9)
Doctors8 (2.4)
Teachers1 (0.3)
Where growth monitoring services are provided?Hospitals79 (23.2)
Health centers248 (72.9)
Don’t know13 (3.8)
What does a growth chart represent?It shows the age of child63 (18.5)
It shows how the child is growing107 (31.5)
It has no meaning28 (8.2)
Don’t know142 (41.8)
Knowledge levelPoor knowledge42 (12.4)
Good knowledge298 (87.6)