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Table 1 Overview of data files/data sets

From: Body image of people over 50 in Spain measured using the BSQ test

LabelName of data file/data setFile types (file extension)Data repository and identifier (DOI or accession number)
Data file 1BSQ-RSC-2SPSS files (.sav)
Data file 2BSQ_freq.xlsxMS Excel files (.xlsx)
Data file 3BMC1300.tifImages (.tif)
Data file 4BMC2300.tifImages (.tif)
Data file 5BMC3300.tifImages (.tif)
Data file 6BMC4300.tifImages (.tif)
Data file 7BMC5300.tifImages (.tif)
Data file 8BMC6300.tifImages (.tif)
Data file 9BMC7300.tifImages (.tif)