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Table 2 Diameter of inhibitory effect of cell free culture supernatants (CFSs) from LAB isolates with broader spectrum of inhibitory activity (9) against H. pylori clinical strains (08) tested (mm)

From: Potential of selected lactic acid bacteria from Theobroma cacao fermented fruit juice and cell-free supernatants from cultures as inhibitors of Helicobacter pylori and as good probiotic

Helicobacter. pylori strainsNative cell free culture supernatants from selected LAB isolatesSusceptibility (%)
Hp 0011108633.33
Hp 001278633.33
Hp 00138107544658100
Hp 0014886753768.5100
Hp 00160
Hp 001160
Hp 001170
Inhibitory activity (%)62.562.537.562.537.537.537.537.537.5 
  1. Each value represents the mean of three determination
  2. (–) no activity
  3. CFS, cell free culture supernatants; HP, Helicobacter pylori; LAB, lactic acid bacteria