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Table 2 Diet, lifestyle, behavioral and environmental factors among adolescent girls in schools of Hawzen woreda, Northern Ethiopia, 2018

From: Magnitude and associated factors of undernutrition (underweight and stunting) among school adolescent girls in Hawzen Woreda (District), Tigray regional state, Northern Ethiopia: Cross-sectional study

VariablesFrequency (n)Percentage (%)
Number of meals per day
 Three and above37494
Source of diet
 Own product14837.2
 From market22055.3
 From donors307.5
Do you work on top of learning
School distance for the home of the adolescent girl
 < 40 min24962.6
 40–60 min10025.1
 > 60 min4912.3
Do you smoke a cigarette
Source of drinking water
 Tap water38496.5
 River water30.7
 Protected well71.8
 Unprotected well41
The distance of the source of water for drinking
 < 5 min31077.8
 5–15 min4711.8
 16–30 min235.7
 > 30 min194.7