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Table 1 Overview of data files/data sets

From: Data on gender representation in food and beverage print advertisements found in corner stores from Guatemala and Peru

Label Name of data file/data set File types (file extension) Size Data repository and identifier (DOI or accession number) Date of last modification (DD/MM/YYYY)
Data set 1 Image dataset of food and beverage print ads in Guatemala City and Lima Joint Photographic Expert Group files (.jpeg) 956 MB Open ICPSR ( 15/10/2020
Data set 2 Quantitative datasets in English and Spanish with coded data of the assessment of gender representation in print advertisement Comma Separated Values files (.csv) 19.7 KB Open ICPSR ( 23/09/2020
Data file 1 Data obtention process flowchart Portable Document Format (.pdf) 110.2 KB Open ICPSR ( 29/10/2020
Data file 2 Guide photographs GenderAds Plain Text file (.txt) 3 KB Open ICPSR ( 22/09/2020
Data file 3 Fieldwork guide GenderAds Plain Text file (.txt) 6.7 KB Open ICPSR ( 22/09/2020
Data file 4 List of image authorship Guatemala Comma Separated Values file (.csv) 4.5 KB Open ICPSR ( 22/09/2020
Data file 5 List of image Authorship Peru Comma Separated Values file (.csv) 4.3 KB Open ICPSR ( 22/09/2020
Data file 6 POS checklist instrument GenderAds Plain Text file (.txt) 2.6 KB Open ICPSR ( 17/09/2020
Data file 7 Upload and Analysis Guide GenderAds Plain Text file (.txt) 5.3 KB Open ICPSR ( 22/09/2020
Data file 8 Variables definitions print ads Plain Text file (.txt) 5.6 KB Open ICPSR ( 22/09/2020