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Table 1 Overview of data files/data sets

From: Blood transcriptome analysis of patients with uncomplicated bacterial infection and sepsis

Label Name of data file/data set File types (file extension) Data repository and identifier (DOI or accession number)
Data file 1 Raw sequence files Fastq Sequence Read Archive
Data file 2 Normalized expression values Text (txt) Gene Expression Omnibus (
Data set 3 ST1_QC_Sepsis_080221.xlsx Quality control of raw reads before trimming, after trimming, uniquely mapped reads and percentage of mapped reads Excel Figshare
Data set 4 ST2_summary_table_080221.xlsx Summary statistics for patient groups Excel Figshare
Data set 5 ST3_Patients_characteristics_080221.xlsx Description of patients characteristics Excel Figshare
Data set 6 S4_Material_Methods_080221.docx Detailed Material and Methods Word Figshare