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Table 1 The top 10 results of sepsis symptom patterns compared in the private and public datasets

From: Embedding, aligning and reconstructing clinical notes to explore sepsis

Corpus Freq Pattern
PR_Dc 76 [‘respiratory failure’, ‘hypoxemic respiratory’, ‘hypoxemic resp’]
23 [‘respiratory failure’, ‘acute hypoxemic’, ‘hypoxemic respiratory’, ‘hypoxemic resp’]
16 [‘respiratory failure’, ‘worsening respiratory’, ‘respiratory status’]
14 [‘cystic lesion’, ‘6 cm cystic’, ‘septated cystic’, ‘abscess drainage’, ‘felt SOB’]
13 [‘respiratory distress’, ‘purulent drainage’, ‘denies chill’]
13 [‘LLE cellulitis’, ‘redness noted’]
12 [‘hypoxemic respiratory’, ‘developed hypoxemic’, ‘hypoxemic resp’]
11 [‘echinococcal cysts’, ‘showing cystic’, ‘cystic lesion’]
10 [‘respiratory failure’, ‘respiratory distress’, ‘acute respiratory’]
8 [‘hepaitic lesion’, ‘cystic lesion’, ‘septated cystic’, ‘abscess drainage’, ‘felt SOB’]
MIMIC-III 34 ['altered mental’, 'hypercarbic respiratory']
22 ['yellow secretion’, 'respiratory failure']
18 ['respiratory failure’, 'breathing noted']
17 ['respiratory distress’, 'white secretions']
9 ['breath sounds', 'tan secretions']
8 ['respiratory failure’, 'thick secretion']
6 ['breath sounds', 'thick secretion']
5 [‘cystitis', 'secretions suctioned’, 'mouthing words’]
4 ['tinged secretions’, ’uncomfortable']
2 [‘abdominal discomfort’, ‘brown drainage’, ‘hypercarbic respiratory’, ‘pulm edema’]