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Table 2 Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient between the SCOFF, item 3a or 3b and the EDE-Q

From: Establishment of a Japanese version of the Sick, Control, One Stone, Fat, and Food (SCOFF) questionnaire for screening eating disorders in university students

  SCOFF-O SCOFF-2.5 Item 3a Item 3b
r r r r
Dietary restraint 0.39** 0.44** 0.07 n.s 0.27**
Shape concern 0.45** 0.47** 0.06 n.s 0.22**
Eating concern 0.55** 0.55** 0.00 n.s 0.20**
Weight concern 0.42** 0.45** 0.06 n.s 0.24**
Global score 0.52** 0.55** 0.06 n.s 0.28**
  1. The original version of the SCOFF (SCOFF-O) included item 3a: “Have you recently lost more than 6.35 kg within three months?” The modified version of SCOFF (SCOFF-2.5) included item 3b: “Have you recently lost more than 2.5 kg within three months?”
  2. EDE-Q Eating Disorders Examination Questionnaires; **p < 0.01