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Table 3 Analysis of polar interactions between CR1/CR2 domains in the tethered form of EGFR. The polar interaction between EGFR wild type (1NQL) and its mutated forms R521K and V550M showed 1 missing H-bond (highlited in bold)

From: Genetic variants of the EGFR ligand-binding domain and their association with structural alterations in Arab cancer patients

CR1/CR2 domains (wild type) CR1/CR2 domains (mutant R521K) CR1/CR2 domains (mutant V550M)
 Asn247-Glu578 Asn247-Glu578 Asn247-Glu578
 Tyr246-Met576 Tyr246-Met576 Tyr246-Met576
 Tyr246-Lys585 Tyr246-Lys585 Tyr246-Lys585
 Tyr246-Asp563 Tyr246-Asp563 Tyr246-Asp563