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Table 1 Brief demographics and trauma types of full sample.

From: A simple cognitive task intervention to prevent intrusive memories after trauma in patients in the Emergency Department: A randomized controlled trial terminated due to COVID-19

  Full sample (N = 16)
 Female n = 9
 Male n = 7
 Other options: Transfemale, Transmale, Genderqueer/non-binary, other identity (option to describe) n = 0
Age M = 40.63
SD = 14.45
Type of traumaa  
 Transportation accident (e.g., car accident, bicycle accident) n = 6
 Serious accident at work, home, or during recreational activity (e.g., slip-and-fall injury, threat to limb/extremity) n = 10
  1. aThe traumatic event leading to ED admission classified using Life Event Checklist 5, LEC-5