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Table 1 Secondary metabolites predicted by antiSMASH 5.0 genome mining

From: Exiguobacterium sp. is endowed with antibiotic properties against Gram positive and negative bacteria

Cluster no. Predicted biosynthetic metabolite Coordinates within the genome % Similarity to known cluster ARTS BGC proximity hits
1 Terpene 69,899–90,726 33 (with carotenoid biosynthetic gene cluster)
4 Siderophore 5,05,835–5,19,165 Yes
9 Putative antibiotic 8,97,206–9,08,755 26 (with lugdunin biosynthetic gene cluster)  
20 Terpene 1,60,337–1,81,161 Yes
  1. The compounds shown in this table show four of the 24 compounds antiSMASH predicted, which could potentially exhibit antibiotic characteristics. If core and resistance genes have intersecting locations on the same scaffold as predicted by ARTS, they are marked as BGC proximity hits