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Table 1 Pathways identified by Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID) and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) containing genes over-represented of cows during feed restriction and ad libitum periods

From: Transcriptome profiles of the skeletal muscle of mature cows during feed restriction and realimentation

Program Terma # Genesb P Genesc
DAVID Lysosome 10 0.0008 CD63, NAGPA, AP1M1, AP1M2, CTSA, ENTPD4, GALC, GGA1, M6PR, MCOLN1
  Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis 4 0.06 MARS, MARS2, SARS2, VARS
  Glutathione metabolism 3 0.09 GSTM2, GSTM3, SRM
  Renin-angiotensin system 3 0.09 ACE, ACE3, CTSA
  Phototransduction 3 0.1 GRK1, CNGB1, RCVRN
  Phototransductiond 3 0.008 GRK7, GUCA1A, GUCA1B
  1. aTerm representing the shared functional annotation or canonical pathway of the differentially expressed genes that were over-represented in the list
  2. bNumber of DEG identified within the biological process
  3. cOfficial gene symbol of the genes identified as differentially expressed for each term
  4. dTerm in bold represents up-regulated genes from cows during feed restriction compared to ad libitum periods. Plain text illustrates genes down-regulated during feed restriction compared to ad libitum