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Table 1 Interview questions

From: Evaluating context and interest in training in evidence-based mental health care: a qualitative investigation among healthcare providers in Kyiv, Ukraine

1 Please describe your current role.
2 Please describe the usual psychological services that patients are able to receive in your institution.
3 What problems do psychologists face in their daily work related to psychotherapy or psychological counseling?
4 Please describe the existing needs for further training and education among psychologists.
5 Imagine that the psychologists of this institution had the opportunity to be trained in a new method of psychological care which has been successfully tested in Ukraine. This is a short-term psychological counseling with about five to ten sessions, which can significantly reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma. Please tell me, what comes to mind when you hear about this kind of psychological help? What are your thoughts, impressions, or previous experiences?
6 What expected barriers might occur during this training and intervention implementation?
7 What expected facilitators might occur during this training and intervention implementation?
8 How would the hospital or clinic administration respond to the training, education, and use of this type of intervention?
9 How do other health professionals (such as doctors) describe psychologists and their work?
10 Is there other information that you would like to share related to mental health services or mental health training needs?