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Table 1 Mapped read ratios of one-step PCR amplicons from cell-free DNA of RhD-negative pregnant women

From: Improved library preparation protocols for amplicon sequencing-based noninvasive fetal genotyping for RHD-positive D antigen-negative alleles

Cell-free DNA from a RhD-negative pregnant woman Amplicons from Rhesus boxes (Primers: RHbox_Tailed_F/R) Amplicons from RHD/RHCE exon 9 (Primers: RHD/RHCE_exon9_Tailed_F/R)
Observed ratio and read counts (upstream/downstream) Observed ratio and read counts (RHD_wt/RHD_var/RHCE)
Cell-free DNA #46 (8 weeks) 1.88%/98.12% (416/21,694) 1.33%/0%/98.67% (281/0/20,914)
Cell-free DNA #59 (28 weeks) 3.60%/96.40% (813/21,754) 2.05%/0.002%/97.95% (1,253/1/59,758)
  1. The gestational week of blood sampling is shown in parentheses